Shimano reduces environmental impact with new eco-friendly packaging

SHIMANO REDUCES ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT WITH SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING Cycling has a sustainable character. A tour on a road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike in nature benefits everyone’s health. And every trip that is made by bike instead of by car is pure environmental profit. Shimano is making cycling even more sustainable with, among other things, environmentally-friendly packaging. Sustainability is a recurring theme in Shimano’s annual reports. In 2020, for example, Shimano reduced water consumption in its factories by approximately 7 percent. That same year, Shimano also announced an action plan to reduce single-use plastic in containers and packaging materials. All this without compromising the quality of the packaging or the customer experience. Lower environmental impact In the meantime, Shimano has taken many concrete steps that are visible to everyone, particularly in the field of sustainable packaging with a lower impact on the environment and the planet. In general terms, this packaging revolves around four key points: minimal use of single-use plastic, a transition to FSC certified and recycled cardboard or a mix of the two, reducing the overall volume of the packaging and using less ink. The latter facilitates recycling once the cardboard is discarded.Among other things, the latest Dura-Ace R9200 series, the cream of the crop among race group sets, has recently been given a new ‘look’. Previously it was packed in a sleeve, inside an inner box. The group set was then clamped with plastic film. The inner box was then slipped into an outer box made of regular cardboard and plastic film. The new, sustainable packaging now only consists of an inner and outer box made of FSC Recycled cardboard. The inner box has a special structure that prevents the group set from moving, so plastic film for stabilisation is no longer necessary. Moreover, this structure absorbs the impact if the set is dropped unexpectedly. Other Shimano products have also recently been given new packaging. The shoes now come in an environmentally friendly box made from recycled materials. Limited ink has been used, and the pictograms and descriptions are much smaller. The packaging of replacement parts is made of FSC certified or recycled cardboard, or a mix of these. The size of the packaging is also better adapted to the shape of the product. In this way, there is less empty space and material is saved. Here, too, less ink has been used.  Shimano now wraps its attire, of which the technical fabrics need to be protected, in 100 percent recycled poly bags. These can later be recycled again. The product labels of garments have also been made more sustainable. These are now made of FSC certified or recycled cardboard or a mix of these. The outer box has less ink applied to it. Shimano’s eyewear is now packaged in a plastic-free format. Instead, FSC certified paper is used. The packaging is also smaller and has less ink than before. Next steps These are just some of the first results of Shimano’s sustainable course. Step by step, Shimano is introducing more and more sustainable packaging that is friendly to people, the environment and the planet. Also in other areas, Shimano continues to make every effort to act even more sustainably. In its environmental policy, Shimano undertakes, among other things, to limit CO² emissions as much as possible, involve employees in energy-saving campaigns, and prevent air, water and soil pollution. The latter also applies to pollution and nuisance caused by sounds and vibrations.

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