new MTB signings with Shimano for 2022

Shimano commits to four MTB race programmes for 2022 Shimano are proud to announce an expansion to their mountain bike sponsorship programme. For 2022 and beyond they have stepped up their commitment with Thömus Maxon Swiss MTB Racing, Dorval AM-Commencal, Thomas Genon and Max Fredrikkson.  All four of these programmes have proven themselves capable of performing at the highest level and Shimano are excited to support them with multi-year deals, to give them the freedom to focus on what they do best. Thömus Maxon Swiss MTB Racing In the past years the Thömus Maxon Swiss MTB Racing team have proven themselves equals to the biggest teams in the paddock, that culminated in Mathias Flückiger lifting the World Cup Overall title in 2021. Away from the race track they run a strong youth development programme in Switzerland looking for the next generation of Swiss XC talent. “To win a World Cup overall is a big puzzle, it’s not just that the fastest racer that gets Shimano brakes, chains and whatever. It is more important than people think to have the right partners and products on your side to be successful. Shimano believed in us as riders, in the structure we had, in the youth programme we have in Switzerland and finally it paid off.” – Mathias Flückiger, 2021 World Cup Overall winnerThomas Genon Thomas Genon represents the cutting edge of European freeriding, as well as his enourmous competiton successes, he is one of the select few riders anywhere in the world who can call themselves Red Bull Rampage veterans. His passions extend outside the competitive arena and Shimano have supported him with his Art of MTB video series, showcasing the sport from personal and unique perspectives.“Shimano have the same trust in me, that I do in their product. They allow me total freedom with my creativity off the bike and allow me to collaborate in the most authentic way. It is important to me is also they way they encourage to me to create and support and understand my perspective.” – Thomas Genon Dorval AM-Commencal In nine years the Dorval AM Commencal programme has climbed from a regional cycling club to the number two-ranked programme in World Cup downhill. They are the only programme on the circuit that are committed to equal representation of female athletes on their team. Their focus on giving their athletes the best possible tools to perform has already brought home rainbow stripes for Camille Balanche in 2020, and in 2021 Benoit Coulanges was widely recognised as a breakout rider in the mens’ field.“We are different to the bigger teams. The Dorval AM-Commencal team exists to support young riders and women, to give them the chance to race. Shimano has been around for more than 100 years, they know how to develop products that are durable and they have been part of the downhill circuit since it began. Their products just work, and work well.” – Camille Balanche, 2020 Downhill World ChampionMax Fredrikkson Max Fredrikkson represents the fresh, tech-savvy generation of riders who are beginning to emerge and redefine the sport of mountain biking. Young, talented and with boundless energy, he focuses that into sharing his riding experiences in raw and exciting ways through his YouTube channel and strong social media following.“Ever since I signed with Shimano I’ve had the feeling that “this is home”. They support me in whatever I want to do, in wet and dry, which feels very personal and real to me. I love riding for Shimano, not only because of the great product but also because we share the same philosophy. I can’t wait to do some great stuff together in the coming years.” – Max Fredriksson“We are immensely excited to race into the coming years with these four fantastic programmes that reflect our commitment to all aspects of mountain biking. Since releasing the world’s first mountain bike groupset in 1982, we have spent 40 years supporting some of the best athletes in the world. Much like a good drivetrain, we believe that our athletes shouldn’t need to think about the support they are receiving. Reliability may not grab headlines, but without that solid foundation it is hard to be exceptional. We want to let them focus on the important things – riding, racing, sharing and celebrating.” Myron Walraven,  Sports Marketing & Events team manager  Shimano is also a proud supporter of Cannondale Factory Racing, Santa Cruz Syndicate, Canyon Collective FMD, MS Mondraker, GT Factory Racing, Kross Orlen Cycling Team, Scott DH Factory, Madison Saracen and Pivot Factory Racing, plus selected domestic-level teams and riders.  

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