Shimano’s innovative REVO short, made from upcycled car airbags, wins the prestigious iF Design Award.

One hundred thirty-two high profile design experts from over 20 countries formed the 2022 iF jury panel, awarding submissions with the greatest innovative power.  Using upcycled airbags and recycled polyester Shimano’s re-designed REVO short is incredibly durable out on the MTB trail whilst also protecting the planet by reusing materials.

How to make a great short even better

When Shimano designed the REVO short they embraced the challenge to make an outstanding mountain bike short that provides total rider comfort while  using as much recycled material as possible. With airbags designed to be used in extreme situations their durable, hard-wearing material makes them ideal for withstanding the challenges of trail riding.

Turning car industry waste into cycling shorts.

Using airbags from scrap yards in Germany and automotive production waste, Shimano’s factory in Europe has developed an effective way of upcycling this waste to produce products that are absolutely eco efficient. Each pair of REVO shorts uses two to three air bags.

REVO shorts are made in cooperation with Airpaq (a brand of upcycled backpacks),who have already transformed over 30K kg of car scrap into new consumer goods. 

Hard-wearing trail shorts for sustainable shredding

The REVO short provides all the comfort you would expect from a mountain bike short, but due to the use of the airbag material they offer an even higher level of hard-wearing trail protection. As well as being strong the airbag fabric has a unique feel and look when dyed making the shorts stylish and distinctive.

Throughout the short, recycled materials are used wherever possible. The 85% recycled polyester liner short is soft and lightweight to ensure rider comfort. The woven stretch fabric seat creates a perfect fit and allows freedom of movement.  A padded insert with 4-way stretch and progressive padding providing protection where it is needed,  is ideal for long days in the saddle.

REVO mountain bike shorts are available in both men’s and women’s cut.

iF Design Awards

Established in 1953, the iF International Forum Design organises the iF Design Awards, one of the world’s most celebrated and valued design competitions. Created to celebrate good design and raise the profile of designers, one of its guiding principles is to effect social change. An iF Design Award has become a symbol for excellent form, aesthetic quality, and for user-focused, ergonomic and efficient design in all disciplines, by companies around the world.

Product Details

REVO Short

Spring 2022

Available in men’s and women’s specific fit

Recycled fabric outer short

4-way stretch pad

Soft, light liner short with silicone leg gripper

Stretch fabric at rear to ensure perfect fit

Two-zipped side pockets

Highly durable

Breathable and quick drying

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